La Navidad

I haven’t blogged in over a year, but tonight I suddenly feel like blogging because the guys are watching a movie in the “man cave” and I have the house to myself. There’s a fire in the fireplace and a chocolate cake in the oven.

It’s Christmas time, which in past years meant we set up a Christmas tree in the living room and after a few days, carried it to one of the bedrooms because of Tilly. She’s worse than a cat. She thinks it’s a snack tree. She doesn’t bother the plastic Hallmark ornaments, but she loves the wooden ones. There are teeth marks in the manger scene made of olive wood. She destroyed one of the ornaments Roman made when he was little. Last year, she even threw back a glass ornament, until she realized that was a bad idea.

So this year, we put the tree up in Roman’s bedroom for safekeeping because it’s the only room with any space left and we still wanted a tree. But that only works if you remember to keep the door closed. Which he doesn’t. Rick hates open doors anyway. (“How many times are you going to have the dog’s ass on your pillow before you learn to close the door?!”)

I love celebrating Christmas–it’s the beginning of the redemption story! So even though I cannot handle the crowded stores, I celebrate!


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