This weekend was Roman’s birthday celebrations, Julian’s baptism Sunday, and a family reunion. Therefore, my brain was running in all directions and I made some mistakes.

  1. I was trying to finish the decorating projects I’ve had going all summer that have bled into fall. Everything was great: The ceilings, walls, and doors look so much cleaner and prettier now. We got a new mirror and faucet for the bathroom, which looks good. But I had to take it a step further, and it was a step too far. I decided to spray paint all the doorknobs so they would match our light fixtures and ceiling fans that I spray painted before. I did just one inconspicuous doorknob to see if it would work, and it worked beautifully. So I began all the others. But some of those had stripped screws and were not coming off. So I had to tape them off and spray paint them on the door, which made an enormous mess. I frequently forgot which ones were wet and put my hand on wet paint. Some of the doorknobs would not go back on. And Rick was teasing me silently. I was laughing so hard I was on the floor, because at that point, what else can you do? I had company coming in days, and none of the doors had knobs on them. Well, one. The stupid first one. But now that the project is done, I’m glad I did it.
  2. When I invited the family to Julian’s baptism, I accidentally told them that church started at 11:45 instead of 10:45, and didn’t realize it until yesterday, so people were running late. We were going to see if we could delay the baptism until later in the service, but then Julian started to cry. He got nervous about the water and all the people. We believe baptism should be when the child is ready and they should want to do it, so while we tried to talk him into going through with it, we didn’t push him, and still he refused. Maybe when he’s older. Roman has always been an old soul, but not Julian.
  3. After church the whole family (20 people) were invited to our house for lunch. I ordered some pizzas from Domino’s on my phone, but sent the order to the wrong location, so when Rick went to pick up the pizza, they did not have the order; the other store did.

But some things went according to plan. Roman loved his laser tag birthday party. Put together his friends, his cousins, guns, and pizza, and he’s happy. I can’t believe my handsome boy is twelve years old now. It’s his last year before he becomes a teenager. And he is the most kind, intelligent, funny boy. I love him.DSC_0024[1] DSC_0016[1] DSC_0030[1]

Also, it’s been one year since we adopted Tilly. On her adoption day she had to be outside or in her crate because she’s the Tasmanian devil when people come over, and we didn’t want her to knock children over or steal food. By evening she was pretty offended. But she was happier when I gave her a present: a tug-of-war turtle toy. She immediately grabbed it and took it outside to play with it. Then she took it to bed with her and slept with it next to her head. This morning I gave her a sausage, and she forgives us for restraining her all of yesterday.


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