Nieces, Food, and God


Usually I wait until after a special weekend to blog about it, but today I’m doing it before. I’m excited because we’re going to St. Louis to visit lots of our siblings and little nieces–Ellen, Clara, and┬áLyla. And I hope tiny new Audrey is born the same weekend so I can meet her. It will be any day now. I can’t wait to hold her and kiss her! I love soft little baby hair (or soft little bald heads, whatever the case may be) and bitty little fingers with dimples in them.


Yesterday I had donuts for breakfast, and all day I felt tired and sad. Today I had an egg, a piece of Ezekiel toast, and half a banana, and I felt much better. I have to say the taste of the donuts was definitely worth it–we love St. George’s donuts. It’s our snow day tradition–Rick treats us to donuts. But I couldn’t do it every day.

Last night I dreamed about a feast–lasagna, pizza, sweet potatoes, etc.! I woke up happy and can’t wait for dinner.


I spent my morning at work reading about world religions. So interesting! I’m learning about the differences and similarities between my beliefs and those of people from other cultures. For me it boils down to one thing: From the beginning of time people have been searching for God and God has been looking for a relationship with people. It seems we can’t be satisfied until we find God.