I’m not one to micromanage my every step, and here’s why: When I timed myself today, I was disappointed to find that it took me nearly 12 minutes to run one mile. So I ran another one, and that one took 11 minutes. I guess it takes a while to oil up the muscles. I didn’t time the third mile because half of it was walking. I could have kept going, but I didn’t want to. So: I can run for a long time, but only very slowly. I can understand why because of my high school physics teacher. She did an experiment where she measured the students and timed us running up some steps, to show the relationship between size, power, and speed (or something like that). Then she compared me to one of the bigger students (pick any kid), and explained that my slow speed was due to my small size. At the time it hurt my feelings (because for some reason humans like to be average as well as special, and I wanted to be the same size as everyone else). Now, I don’t care about stuff like that. (Yay for the forties!) ALL that to say I’m probably not going to time my runs anymore. Exercise is supposed to be relaxing. What is your favorite way to exercise?


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