May fun and the Minecraft birthday party

The month of May is my favorite month of the year. After a snowy winter during which the toilet pipe busted under the house, my brain forgot how to sleep, we all got the flu, we nearly emptied our savings fixing things that broke in the house, and I got stir crazy, it’s so nice to be able to open the doors and let the outside in. That is, when I’m not outside myself. I plant a garden, one of my favorite things to do. I hang the laundry on the line to dry and fold it on the patio table. Even when I’m playing Monopoly with the boys, sometimes I insist on playing it outside. It’s a pain having to pin all that money down so the breeze doesn’t take it away, but it’s worth it. It’s so much easier to hide your crazy when the sun is shining.

Marrying Rick was the best spring break ever; Roman’s birth was the best Halloween treat I’ve ever received; and Julian was the best Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever gotten. You can’t beat a sleepy little redhead perched on your shoulder all day, for a Mother’s Day present. He was so gentle and quiet at first, then when he became a toddler, his fiery, spirited side came out. I found him: climbing the attic ladder alone, dumping my carefully planted seedlings on the living room floor, sitting in the dresser drawer with the clothes all over the floor, and so much more. He misbehaved early and surely. And he is so much fun. He turned eight years old yesterday. And he certainly had a happy birthday. Video games at 6 a.m., more video games after school with his neighborhood friends, dinner at ReRico with his family, a long bubble bath, and some new Pokemon cards from his brother. Spoiled little boy! And that was after his birthday party with kids, which Rick and I have said is the last one we’ll do 🙂

I made a Ghast pinata for Julian's birthday party.

I made a Ghast pinata for Julian’s birthday party.


Julian's turn to hit the pinata

Julian’s turn to hit the pinata






Rick is a talented artist, and that side of him comes out when we throw a kid’s birthday party. This year I joined him in making decorations, though mine don’t even compare. I took the ideas from Pinterest.


Creeper, made by Rick

Creeper, made by Rick

Enderman, made by Rick

Enderman, made by Rick

Creeper, made by Adrianna

Creeper, made by Adrianna

Julian loves soccer and basketball, and plays with all his being. He’s always been at the zero percentile for height, so maybe that’s why he pushes himself. He keeps up pretty well, too! It’s kind of surprising that we have an athlete in the family. None of the rest of us like sports much. The only reason I ever put on sparring gear and hit people, or exerted myself to make a basket or kick in a goal, was because of Julian. He stretches me and makes me jump out of my comfort zone, and I guess that’s good.





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