Labor Day Weekend

I was so happy to walk out of the office Thursday afternoon with a whole four-day weekend ahead! After music school that night, we bought a quart of Andy’s frozen custard, and had sundaes at home to celebrate not having to go to school the next day. I was looking forward to spending Friday with the boys, but all they did was fight and complain. Except they enjoyed lunch at Incredible Pizza, which they did not deserve, but I just had to get out of the house and use their free game cards. We ate pizza and watched cartoons, played a few games, and left. Even though we weren’t there long, they did not complain when it was time to leave. Good attitudes at last. Julian and I played some board games, and he honestly beat me at Monopoly. That kid likes to win.


On Saturday we went to White Water. It was so crowded you couldn’t really swim without bumping into someone, but we had fun anyway. Roman was especially in a great mood, swimming and splashing around in the wave pool. We left early because the boys had a date with Abuelito and Abuelita to spend the night at their house. They were pleasantly surprised to find that two of their cousins were spending the night too! Rick and I went out to dinner at a restaurant that is not fast food and that doesn’t have cartoons. We enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Sunday we slept in, then painted part of the dining room brown. I trust Rick’s artistic eye, and we think it looks good! Mom made a delicious chicken dinner and some of the kids swam in the pool while the rest of us read, visited, or napped. In the evening we went to some friends’ house for taco night – fun! My little niece and her friend, two adorable toddlers, were entertaining as she tried to get him to jump on the trampoline. She followed him around saying, “Will you jump with me? Say yes!” Finally he had to give in because he couldn’t avoid it any longer. Nobody can say No to those huge dark eyes of hers!

On Monday, the boys played video games with their neighbors, and then we went to Lowe’s to buy supplies for all the little home projects that have been piling up – from a broken toilet seat to a missing window shade. In the afternoon we went to the park down the street. Roman just had to take the wagon that Uncle Jim made them to the park. Two reasons: 1) He reads a lot of Calvin and Hobbes. 2) A while ago they had a good time at the park riding a wagon down a hill with their neighbor friends, and he wanted to relive the experience. Rick and I rode the wagon down the hill too. I’m sure we looked ridiculous but it was fun!

playing on the toilet display, making the employees smile

playing on the toilet display, making the employees smile


boys park fam park Roman parkToday is Lucy’s 14th birthday! (We assigned her a birthday based on the vet’s estimate of her age.) She can’t have sugar because of her diabetes, but we ate pie, and she had beans and cheese. I think she enjoyed it!

Slicing apples for pie

Slicing apples for pie

Lucy bday



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