At the Vet and the Bus Stop

I almost forgot to pick my dog up at the vet today after her glucose screening. They were about to close for the day when I realized I should get myself over there. Half of my last paycheck went to the bill. And it was rush hour at the vet’s, with everyone picking up their animals at the same time. So I had plenty of time to observe and enjoy the animals.

There was Mars, the demon cat, who behaved a lot better at the vet’s than he does at home.

Dax, a young, good-looking boxer type, limped out next with his bandaged foot. Probably a sports injury.

Alice, a sweet and pretty kitty, was the saddest case. Her owner was a doting, middle-aged, effeminate man in flip-flops, trying to decide whether or not to euthanize her. She’s not eating, her kidneys are failing, and she’s diabetic. So she’s really up a creek, but she still plays and seems happy. Her person really seemed to want what was best for his kitty, and I hope it works out for the best.

Roman has been asking to ride the bus to school for at least a year, and finally I decided to let him. I’d rather drop them off myself – we can sleep later. But I love having the bus bring them home! Why didn’t we do this before?! We’ll save gas and I’ll have an extra half hour to myself! Julian was nervous about it, but I knew he’d be OK with his older brother. And he discovered that his best friend rides the same bus, so now he’s sold on the idea too. Just for today, I decided to wait for them at the bus stop. That was not cool. Roman was “not comfortable” when he saw his parents waiting at the corner. So tomorrow, I’ll just hang out in my yard and let them come to the house on their own. I wouldn’t want to ruin his image. 🙂