Summer So Far

We went camping last weekend. I loved jumping off the rope swing into the river with my nieces. They’re so much fun! Also at the rope swing was a man who had had too much to drink. He kept making loud “That’s what she said” jokes in front of the girls and everyone. Then he slipped off the tree with the rope, hurt himself, and slinked away. Good.

We went to White Water. I love the water, and it’s even better when it’s 92 degrees outside. I’m glad we didn’t know they closed at 6:00, because then we might not have gone in the afternoon, and we would have missed out.

The boys are taking a drawing/painting class at Noah’s Art. There is so much beautiful art around the house that I’m taking some of it to the office so I can have something colorful to look at.

Rick has been watching the boys in the mornings while I work. I’ve been good about just letting them be guys instead of having them do things my way. I would probably never play BB guns with them, or teach them how to chop wood, so it’s good they’re with their daddy. But sometimes I get annoyed at the mess in the kitchen. Once I came home to peanut butter and jelly stuck to the countertop and table, hard bread crusts on the table, orange juice all over the floor that no one had bothered to mop up, toys all over, and the curtains on the floor. I wasn’t happy, so I told Rick about it, and he got onto those boys! They had had friends over, so we had a houseful of boys running around all morning. Rick had told them to play outside where he was, but they disobeyed and played inside. I was surprised, because those boys are some of the most obedient and well-behaved kids that come to play. Upon further investigation, I uncovered the story: When one of my boys suggested playing inside, their friend said, “Your dad said we’re supposed to stay outside.” Then Julian said, “It’s OK. My dad won’t mind if we play inside.” Aha! I should have known…

I’ve already posted pictures of our Florida trip to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and the beach. That was a great way to start the summer!

The only sad thing is my little bird’s illness. They say that when it’s time to euthanize your pet, you’ll KNOW. But I disagree. It’s not that easy to know, and it’s a heartbreaking decision to have to make. We’re also adjusting to our dog’s diabetes. It’s expensive! If you’re thinking of acquiring a bunch of pets all the same age with the same life span, DON’T.

I’m happy that the boys are finally old enough to read the Harry Potter books. I read out loud to them most evenings before bed (wearing out my voice). Julian listens while doing somersaults and headstands in his underwear and constantly interrupting, but at least he’s listening. This is my third time through the series, and it’s amazing how many details are new each time. That woman (the author) is a creative genius. I’m so glad she’s rich!

Julian had his best friend from school over one afternoon. That little boy can’t wait for school to start. Not my kids. They could stay on summer break forever. Rick likes summer because he’s a teacher, and that’s all I have to say about that. I like summer because of the sun Sun SUN. I know it has to end, but I’m glad it’s not today.

Enough about us!