What We’ve Been Up To This Spring

Roman is only nine, but already he has that teen swagger and attitude sometimes. He certainly doesn’t think Rick or I are cool anymore. A few weeks ago, Rick had just gotten out of the shower when Roman, in a moment of immaturity, barged in without knocking. When he saw his dad with no clothes on, he said, “Dad!” and walked out, muttering, “That’s disgusting.” The other day, I took Roman and Julian to Cookie Cutters for haircuts. Julian likes to go there because he gets to play video games while they cut his hair, and then he gets a sucker. It’s always been our favorite place for haircuts. But Roman may be outgrowing it. When the stylist asked him, “Where would you like to sit, sweetie?” he looked around at the airplanes and cars he could sit in for his haircut, and said, “in a regular chair.” So he sat in a regular chair, but he did not turn down the video game or the sucker. We never outgrow games and candy!

Rick is testing for his black belt in taekwondo this Saturday. He recently bought a board breaking station and some rebreakable boards so he could practice breaking boards at home. He attached it to the garage wall on the other side of the kitchen. It’s LOUD. It startles me every time, even when I know the kick is coming. I haven’t tried it yet. I’ll have to get in on some of that board breaking action, and then we’ll invite the cousins over for a board-breaking party!

DSC_0013 DSC_0015

I’ve been gardening. I finally took a page from my sister’s book and bought plants instead of seeds, and I am so glad. We’ve been eating salads from the garden since March. I love getting tired and dirty from working in the yard and then smelling like sunshine. My neighbor says she can almost see me smiling from across the street when I’m gardening. If the Ozarks doesn’t pull its crazy-weather business (like today when it rained for 10 seconds before the sun came out for 10 seconds and then it got cloudy, and the way we often start the day in winter coats and end it in shorts and sleeveless shirts), this might be my best garden year yet!

DSC_0003 DSC_0007

Julian finally lost his first tooth. I thought he was going to be in baby teeth his whole life. He was playing video games when it came out, and he was thrilled. He came running out to show everyone, and then put the tooth carefully in a little silk bag for the “tooth fairy.” But he wanted to keep his tooth, so the “tooth fairy,” which he knows is me, let him. He carried that yucky little tooth to church, to his grandparents’ house–everywhere. And he doesn’t even have a gap to show for it, because the adult tooth is already in.


Yesterday the boys fought in the car, over a toy, all the way to church. Rick commented that it would be appropriate for their lesson to be about Cain and Abel. You won’t believe it, but their Bible story really was about Cain and Abel! They laughed about the coincidence, but picked up their fight right where they had left off, only this time it was, “You’re Cain and I’m Abel!” “No! You’re Cain and I’m Abel!”


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