Marriage and a Movie

We saw the movie Hope Springs last weekend. I didn’t know what to expect, but I liked it! It was refreshing to see a movie that shows how good marriages take effort. When a marriage grows stale or you aren’t attracted to each other anymore, the thing to do is revive it, not quit! Yes, there are times when divorce is needed, like when one spouse is abusive. But the vast majority of the time, I believe it can be worked out. The movie wasn’t completely realistic because it’s a movie, and a funny one. But it had a good message, one of hope. I recommend it.


Last Day of Summer and First Day of School

The boys had a great last day of summer break. First we went to Meet the Teacher. I overslept and it starts early, so the first part of the day was a blur. No quiet minutes reflecting alone. Just GO. Roman was so happy he got the teacher he was hoping for. It made up for not being in his friend Jack’s class. Julian noticed right away that his seat was right next to Emmy Lou, his little friend from Kindergarten. They greeted their teachers and put their supplies away. Meet the Teacher always helps build excitement about school, something they had not looked forward to until the last minute. Now they’re excited!

Next we stopped at home to do our chores until time for Noah’s Art. They had Action Jackson, but the other kids signed up didn’t show. So their Uncle Jared and Mr. Dan went to a lot of trouble just for my boys. Luisa brought two of her girls, so my boys would have more fun action painting with their cousins rather than by themselves. When I entered the art school to pick them up, I heard hilarity and laughter. Roman was wearing goggles and letting Miriam squirt him with paint. They had such fun! Even wearing garbage bags home to protect the car seats was a thrill for them. Roman asked, “Can we buy some paint and do this at home?” His response was laughter, and “No”.

Then I had to go to work in the afternoon, so Abuelito came over to watch the boys for a few hours. I felt bad that the day before there had been no “easy food” in the house, and my Dad obviously wasn’t going to cook. So I made sure to have sandwich fixings for that day. But Daddy took them to Incredible Pizza! That made their day!

The last day of summer vacation was full of family making great memories for my boys and I am so grateful!

Today I wanted to do the obligatory “first day of school” picture, but the guys were a bit distracted. So many people to see and things to do and Mom wants to take a picture!

Summer went by so fast it felt wrong to take them to school already. All of June I didn’t feel well, so that made it feel even shorter. But we made the most of July and the first part of August, going to White Water and Silver Dollar City with friends and family, playing board games at home, learning to play the piano, and just enjoying the laid-back schedule of summer. Every season has its beauty, and I guess I have to let go of summer and welcome fall when the time comes. How were my readers’ summers?