Funny Boys

Piano Lesson

I was trying to give Roman a piano lesson and Julian was hovering, trying to play the piano too. I told him to go read a book or do something on his own. He got a banana and started eating it near Roman, who got annoyed because he could smell banana while he was trying to play the piano. I reminded Julian that when his Kindergarten teacher was working with a student, the others would do their own work, not eat bananas too close to each other’s faces. He laughed. Finally I had to send him away, into the garage with Rick. Apparently that broke his little heart, which I never meant to do, so Rick spent time with him, drawing a big picture of him. But he didn’t learn his lesson because later, I had to tell him again that it wasn’t his lesson, and to go read a book to himself. So he picked up a book, sat on the couch, and began reading loudly to himself: “Julian,” then proceeded to read the book out loud. Aargh! He can’t stop pushing buttons! And I can’t stop laughing when he does! But really Roman has a right to his lesson. Julian’s not the only one. So he’s going to have to learn.

Julian’s Baseball Game

Julian hit the ball twice. But he got tagged out because he decided to skip to the next base instead of running. And one time he was standing on first base with his fingers in his ears, staring into space, instead of paying attention. Then on second base he found himself with one of the boys from tae kwon do, and they were having a little conversation. I think Julian plays baseball mainly for the snack 🙂

Ten Copies of Roman

Earlier this month, Roman was pretending to have 10 copies of himself, so everything he said, he said ten times.


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