Winter Turns to Spring

Winter is giving way to spring, and everybody’s growing and learning. Here are a few tidbits of life at the Williams’ home:

I do not like sports, but 5-year-old Julian does and he’s pretty good at them. He loves to play soccer, and he will wear us out playing backyard soccer with him. Especially since he insists on winning no matter what. If his opponent scores a goal and gets ahead, he starts the game over. Or he sits on the ball, claiming he needs to “rest”. And one time, I started daydreaming and the ball sailed past me. He said, “Mommy, pay attention and help me!” And he made fun of the way I let the ball pass.

At the past two birthday parties I’ve taken Roman and Julian to, one of the moms has said to me what good people my sons are. I’m so proud of them! It’s a big responsibility raising two of the next generation’s men, and it’s nice to hear that they have good character.

I finally got brave enough to buy sparring gear for tae kwon do, which means I’m committed since I spent money. Sometimes it’s actually fun, but other times all it does is make me angry. Last time I didn’t wear the headgear because I can’t stand the feeling. But my partner accidentally kicked me in the head. Maybe next time I’ll wear the headgear.

The other day Julian was asking me questions about heaven and hell. Then after a few minutes he said, “I don’t feel like living.” That made me sad, because I don’t understand it. Is it our family’s awful depression gene showing up so soon? He’s only five and certainly seems to thoroughly enjoy life and be happy. Or was it just his way of expressing his longing to go home with Jesus?

A few weeks ago we went to my nieces’ grandfather’s funeral. When he died, we lost a truly great person. He loved his granddaughters. He was always taking them on “dates,” like to dollar day at the Palace theater. They will miss that and so much more. But there is something about the funeral of someone who chose life and went to heaven. Right next to the grief, there is a kind of joy because not only is the person finally free of pain and suffering, he is experiencing things so wonderful we cannot even imagine them.

When my children are with a grandparent, they get spoiled with all kinds of treats. All the junk food they want, hours of video games…I think to myself, “I know they love them, so why are they giving them so much sugar that is so bad for them?” Then I remember this scene: At the funeral dinner last week, my one-year-old niece was “relative-hopping.” She went from her grandmother’s lap to her aunt’s, to another aunt’s, and so on, eating dessert. At one point she saw me eating a piece of chocolate cake. She held out her little arm towards the cake, opening her tiny fingers to show that she would like another bite of cake. Even though I had heard her mother say earlier, “That’s her fifth dessert!”, and even though I love that baby to pieces, I said, “Of course you can have some cake! You’re so cute!” And I gave her another bite. I figured her mother takes good care of her every day, so today I can let her drown her sorrows with cake.


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